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Quilava Plush Pokémon Trainer Log

Oct. 26th, 2005 03:56 pm

Halloween fan art.


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Oct. 25th, 2005 08:57 pm

One day when I was driving, I saw a red, white, and bluish(?) bird zip by. I didn't get a good look, but the first thing that went out of my mouth was "Taillow! ♥" because it actually looked like one at a glance. I haven't seen any of the local swallows with such plumage until then; it was probably a passing barn or whatever else swallow migrating or something.

I bought Fire Red last week. I'm in Saffron right now with Charizard, Nidoking, Meowth (delaying evolution until she learns Slash), and I'm levelling up a Doduo and a Horsea. I'm not sure what my sixth team member will be. That aside, the nostalgia feels so good and Diglett's Cave is hell when (back then) your two strongest pokes are weak to ground attacks, your third is in training and not powerful enough, and all of the mole thingies (INCLUDING RARE WILD DUGTRIO AT A HIGHER LEVEL THAN SAID STRONGEST) have Arena Trap. D:

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Oct. 18th, 2005 10:01 am

I finished EksDee... well, the story mode at least. ^^; I still need to go back to the main boss for Zapdos and Moltres, which in turn will earn me access to Dragonite, and not to forget the Lucky Egg (YAY!) sidequest, Battle Discs, Battle Bingo, and training for Mt. Battle, but I beat the game for the most part. And I looove it. I'll do a whole writeup on it as soon as I'm bothered to.

I finally have a Zangoose, too. ♥ His name is Bruiser and he has an attack-boosting nature, which in turn makes him kick butt. ♥ ♥ While he was a shadow, he'd go into reverse mode upon the mere SIGHT of a Seviper (while I know that reverse mode is generally luck-based, I found that amusing).

Oh, and Shadow Lugia barely appeared at all. (Pretty much the second time he appeared in the game, my Vaporeon froze him with a single Ice Beam.)

EDIT: Oh yeah, and apps for Fizzy Bubbles are open at Serebii.net. Come join our (mostly!) psychotic legions. We have snickerdoodles.

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Oct. 9th, 2005 06:26 pm

I stayed up to about 1:30 AM to finish purifying the shadow Pokémon... Skarmory was my last one, because he amusingly lived up to his Adamant nature. ^_^;; He would not stay put in the ball and I ended up having to use the masterball glitch the second time I battled Gonzap, and every time I called him out of hyper mode, he'd snap right back into it upon the next shadow rush. I wuv him now, and his name is Urbanus.

I'm now just swapping pogeys with Emerald and training some (Wailmer to Wailord for the Regis, Shroomish for Spore, etc) so I can go ahead and beat the E4. Levelling up for it is boring as hell, so hopefully Colosseum, with its high-level opponents, should help a lot.

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Oct. 6th, 2005 07:09 pm fan art and stuff

My PRA plans got doomed to hell by car trouble, but it's nothing to angst over. I can always get the two Johto ubers from the Gamecube and the Refresh'd Metang would just sit in my PC.

I caught all of the shadows in Colosseum just now~ Time to mass-purify!

Also, I've been spamming dA with fan art over the past few weeks, if anybody's interested... I really need to get back to visiting the site more often instead of just posting art and vanishing... D=

-Johto Circle of Seasons
-The scene from the beginning of Colosseum
-Rayquaza, Kyogre, and Groudon as cats
-Quilava for the pokemonclaims contest (I won a free swap!)

There's also a couple of doodles I did for some Fizzy Bubbles members that I need to dig up, but they won't be posted to dA unless they're combined in a batch of sorts. =O I need to get back to drawing more often.


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Sep. 26th, 2005 03:47 pm

Nintendo has made my gaming world a happier place. I tried out the Colosseum-to-GBA linking feature for trading and tested it by sending over DeepSeaScale Clamperl. Sure enough, I now have my female Gorebyss sitting in my Colosseum PC. :D I also traded over an everstone for my Quilava to hold and saved a lot of training by trading Flygon to my Emerald game.

I only need to snag Shuckle, Absol, and Togetic to complete the snag list and then start mass-purifying. Thank Houou for the amulet coin, because purifying can be expensive as hell. D: (Vivid scents are 1,200 a pop and the daycare charges a hefty price.)

I bought a wireless adapter on half.com and it arrived in the mail today. I made sure it worked by checking out the union room and trying to access the mini-games in Mossdeep. PRA should be a good opportunity to collect some pogeys I want; perhaps I could start breeding some Johto starters and hope that people will at least give me some Kantos or the two Hoenns I need for them.

All that I need after this is Pokémon Box, which I need to hunt for because Nintendo quit selling it. D:

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Sep. 25th, 2005 05:34 pm

>w< I beat Evice in Colosseum. Thankfully I was able to go straight to his battle without going though the others, so it sped things up. Spending the time levelling up to L. 54-55 helped a lot, and in the end I just used the Masterball glitch for Tyranitar. The ending scene made me squee because of... er, I'll leave it to those who haven't seen it yet. :D

Of course, there's still a lot I need to do such as capturing a whole lot more shadows, but story mode's officially completed so I can now trade between it and my Emerald cart. ^^

Yesterday morning's episode made me giggle, because the Relicanth I caught a few days ago has a green shard attached to it. I never knew that Relicanth + green shard had any relevence in the anime.

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Sep. 25th, 2005 03:04 pm

Game updates:

Emerald: Got through Victory Road and now levelling up for the E4. I have Manectric, Walrein, Swellow, Blaziken, and Shroomish at 46 and Armaldo at 47. I'm kinda taking a break from training for now because it gets boring fast, so I also started a Vulpix factory in hopes of eventually hatching a shiny. As if I don't have enough Pikachu (nine individuals and no light ball) or Spheal (catching for natures) already in my PC.

Colosseum: Spent yesterday levelling up my team for a second go at Evice and to rebuild the money I lost the fist time I faced him (I would've started over had I not caught all of the shadows save for Absol and Tyranitar). I ended up dropping Flygon from my team and instead started training Heracross, which is all sorts of awesome. Hera even has a pretty good special defense, so she might can survive a psychic before attacking with Megahorn.

Pokémon XD is looking yummy with its Pokémon selection and the bonus features it offers, especially since I only have Emerald and have always wanted a Zangoose of my own. If my calculations are correct, I may even be able to access all Hoenn pogeys save for Huntail (I got the scale, and that's assuming that I'm able to evolve a Clamperl at PRA) and the Treecko and Mudkip lines. Plus, if you beat Mt. Battle in XD, you can get a Johto starter with one of the elemental hyper beams. (I probably won't make any practical use of it as I'm not a competitive gamer, but a Blast Burning Quilava sounds like something I could have fun with in-game). I can also still get Lugia if my PRA plans are sabotaged and the bird trio will be a bonus! I'm thinking of evolving Eevee into a Vaporeon, since I've never raised one before and none of the other available water-types that I haven't already raised interest me (except for Lapras, which is late in the game and I've already raised a few in the past).

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Sep. 19th, 2005 08:54 pm

I love Armaldo.

I've been catching up on Emerald the past few weeks, because I want to beat the E4 by the time Pokémon Rocks America rolls around to Dallas. After weeks of swapping around the amulet coin with everstones and continuously pressing B out of laziness, my team is finally beginning to evolve; Swellow evolved normally, Manectric evolved yesterday after learning Charge, the Spheal I decided to raise after my Shoal Cave Quest became a Sealeo, and today, just when I found out that I swept through the Mossdeep Gym to face Liza and Tate, I ran out to level up Anorith a single time so he would be ready to battle.

I had this gym in mind when I revived my claw fossil; I didn't care about nature, but I wanted my Anorith to have a Bug-type Hidden Power for STAB and psychic/dark chomping, as the Anorith family isn't weak to psychics like Beedrill and Heracross, despite their ownership of Twineedle and Megahorn. A high-power HP Bug is the next best thing for a bug-type with high attack stats, which Anorith/Armaldo is.

Anyways, when I challenged the gym leaders, I had Manectric and Sealeo out first, the former strictly to wipe out Xatu and die to Claydol's earthquake fetish. After he fell, I sent out Armaldo and while Sealeo's surfs hardly dented the Lunatone and Claydol, Armaldo was smacking Claydol around and succeeded. Sealeo went down to Lunatone's Psychic, so I sent out my HM Slave Tropius as filler so I could continuously have Armaldo spam HP Bug while I patched up Sealeo and Armaldo on Tropi's turn. Solrock thinks that grass types are yummy, so its attention went to Tropius and the Shroomish I sent out afterward, which gave Army more time to smack away and take out Sol and dealing some damage to Lunatone. Sealeo went back out, but Luna was already down before he could do anything.

The fun part of it is that Armaldo had only used HP Bug seven times through the whole battle without any PP replenishing moves. ♥

This was waaay easier than my first encounter with Liza and Tate in the ROM. I knew what to expect, but I didn't know that I would beat them on my first try this time around. But Armaldo pretty much fought three of the Pokémon off single-handedly, and since that time today, I've come to adore it even more beyond the appearance. :D

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Aug. 8th, 2005 10:31 pm

Fizzy Bubbles. Ohgoditssoaddictive. There's also branches over at UPNetwork (need to register on the boards to see it, and I didn't know it still existed until I started some adventures over there) and a new one at Bulbagarden, though my main board is at Serebii. I've been playing since late June, and I've found that it's well organized, fun, and not time consuming at all. Apps are open at Bulbagarden (don't know about Serebii), so if you're interested, I suggest giving it a try. =O

Pokémon Rocks America is coming to Dallas. ♥ If there's tickets and berries, I'll definitely be there in all of my dorky glory. I hope I don't need a wireless adapter.

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