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Quilava Plush Pokémon Trainer Log

Jun. 24th, 2005 06:37 pm Quickie Update on Game Progress

Lucario's hot for an anthro fox/jackal pocket monster.

Colosseum: Training against Lv.40 opponents got boring as hell, so I went about my way and whupped Ein; Rhydon's Lightning Rod made it hard, but once I bahleeted him and Manectric, Ampharos and Umbreon slayed the others. Caught the shadow Heracross, finished purifying Entei (the last of the three legendary beasts I needed to purify), and fought Gonzap. Skarm-baby was too stubborn to stay in any of the assorted Pokéballs I threw and killed himself in confusion. ;_; I need to go to the Snagem Hideout for some others I missed anyways. I started the six final battles in a row, but soon quit since I felt that my team was, once again, too weak to pull through. I'll probably just hit Mt. Battle for more levels later. >_> At least I can get some rare berries with enough pokécoupons.

Emerald: Beat Flannery at 1 AM this morning with Swellow, a Red Flute (a Godsend, since I'm raising all males for breeding purposes), and a Leech Seed from Shroomish. I have Torchic, Electrike, and the two aforementioned in my party, but I'm not evolving anybody but Swellow for certain moves (Shroomish's Spore, Torchic's Flamethrower, and Electrike's Charge early on). Yeah, it's [not] fun having only one Everstone and having to remember to press B every time two of them level up. >> I'm picking up the Claw Fossil in the Mirage Tower, but I won't revive it until I get the Hidden Power TM since I want an Anorith with HP Bug.

Netbattle: I pulled a team out of my ass since I was impatient to see what it was liked, and got pawned thrice. XD Meh, I'm terrible at RSE-era strategy (not that I'm any good with battle atrategy to begin with), so it served me right. :P Meh, I wish I knew some people so I could do battles simply for shits and giggles instead of seriously/competitively (Metronome wars!), or find somebody who'd do a little GSC gameplay with me, but I can dream. :P This program is addictive.

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Jun. 23rd, 2005 05:45 pm

Netbattle has RBY and GSC modes.




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Jun. 16th, 2005 09:38 am

Aww, Mew's so cute. :P

I decided to give the big FU to the Battle Frontier (the only thing I do there is talk to my apprentice O_o) and started using warp codes for the islands. The Deoxys puzzle was annoying as hell, even moreso because I kept on killing him with his horrid defense (Kecleon's Color Change raped him), but chasing Mew around in the tall grass was fun. :D *has a save state to do it whenever she wants to* I'll shark some Master Balls later and head to the islands with Latios and Lugia/Houou. I'm pretty much finished with my ROM anyways.

My GBA SP came in the mail and I bought the actual Emerald cartridge, so my master plan would have already been complete... if only I was finished with Colosseum. :/ I'm about five levels away from even being a decent match against Ein for the second time... levelling up at Phenac Colosseum is boring as hell, and at Pyrite it's risky since my entire team is at around Lv.45. >_> I have to take it back to Blockbuster today, but I saw the game for $20 at Wal-mart... if Best Buy doesn't have it (gotta get Reward Zone points!), I'll just pick it up at Wal-mart.

Emerald's a fresh start, though... I started with Torchic (named Sunfire) again and already have my squadron of Zigzagoons lined up. I'm thinking of training a few different Pokémon this time; even though I'm definitely getting an Electrike near Mauville again, I also want to raise up an Anorith, Taillow, and some others I forget at the moment.

In unrelated news, I finished my Skarmory fanlisting! x_x Layout sucks (what happens when you feel too uninspired to build a website >_>), but it should be temporary until I find some better graphics to make use of... or just draw my own altogether. :P

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Jun. 9th, 2005 03:53 pm

I really need want to read the Pokémon Special manga. ;_; It seems right up my alley, since it appears to have more involvement with the gym leaders and other secondary characters found in the game along with all the yummy legendaries and a crazy little bastard known as Emerald. :P Too bad Viz stopped releasing the Pokemon manga ages ago (somewhere I have a single issue with Moltres), and importing the English-translated manga is either impossible (having to special-order it through someone that lives in Asia) and/or would cost a fortune. I'm also interested in the shoujo-esque Magical Pokémon Journey (PiPiPi Adventure) and Pokémon Chamo Chamo Pretty series, simply because they sound cute. ^o^

I finally rented Pokémon Colosseum, and I'm actually enjoying it so far. I think I'll eventually buy it for leeching TMs, Pokemon (I've got my Mantine and Quilava!), and other rarities for the GBA games, if nothing else.

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Jun. 6th, 2005 09:33 pm

Stuff I did the past few days:

-Caught the Regis (Ice with a crappy Pokeball, Steel and Rock with Ultras). Even though I had a Regi FAQ to help me find where to dive to unlock them as well as locate the caves, I tried interpreting the Braille on my own and referred to a chart whenever I got stuck on a letter. I thought it was more fun that way. :D Plus, I found out through reading them that some of the instructions for opening each tomb were different than in RuSa (which the FAQ was specifically made for).

-Found and Masterballed Latias while scouting for an ideal secret base location.

-Established a temporary secret base in a tree to the west of Meteor Falls.

-Finally entered the Battle Frontier. I'm trying out the different facilities under the level 50 category, because that's the level many of my primary pokemon are at; the Palace was fun until my pokemon used the wrong moves and the Factory owned my poor skills, but I found the Dome to be quite easy, and I even defeated Tucker for the first Tactics symbol. I'll head back there after checking out the Battle Pike.

Also met up with my apprentice in the Battle Tower; her overworld sprite is a Lass, and IIRC her name is Layla. I told her to choose Mightyena over Xatu (a tough choice because I'm not really familiar with either) and Alakazam over Altaria (which is probably a nail into my coffin if I ever battle against her XD).

Unlike others, I'm not rabidly foaming over the Frontier [yet] since I'm not really a fan of the Advance generation's battling system (EVs and whatnot), and I am, at heart, just playing to explore the Pokemon world and learn about the characters and history of the fictional regions. I think after the awesome Kyogre/Groudon/Rayquaza OT3 events, I feel a bit empty knowing that there's none of it left aside from stuffing the three into pokeballs... but damn, those Frontier-exclusive dolls (Cyndaquil!!) look mighty tempting. ;_;

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May. 31st, 2005 11:06 am WTF...

Well, I beat the elites, but my saved file got "erased due to corruption or damage" and it's only giving me a "new game" option. Later when I loaded it, it took me back to where I saved just before the E4. >< I have a save state just before battling Wallace, though, so I'll just copy the save file to another directory, re-battle Wallace, and see if the file saves correctly this time. T_T (I REALLY need the actual game...)

Edit: Tried again, but no dice. :| It's not loading AT ALL. I guess it's the end of the line for me until I get the real game. (shadsdf, did you have any problem with this?)

Google and save states save the day once more. :D You can go on with your lives now.

I'm choosing Latias; I normally like blue over red, but overall, Latias is cuter. ;3 I'll only use her as a novelty anyways.

...all of the 1337 4 are in my Pokénav now?! *pesters them all with phone calls >D* I really loved the phone system in GSC, and seeing it improved in the third gen games (especially being able to call and re-battle gym leaders) makes me HAPPY. <3

Also, I started educating myself a bit on berries and Pokeblocks to enter contests with; I'm using my Manectric, Sparky, in the cool contests, and he's won the first three ranks so far. ^_^ He has a Brave nature, and while it's not the best in battle since he has no physical attacks, it helped improve his coolness rating and he enjoyed the spicy pokeblocks I gave him. He now has a red scarf to help him, so I'll be trying for the Master Rank coolness contest soon!

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May. 30th, 2005 07:50 pm Squeeee!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Caught her after catching some Bagons in Meteor Falls. ^o^ Yeah, I went for the ultra ball since a shiny is -that- valuable to me, especially since this is my first third-gen shiny. I also realize what a completely unoriginal name I gave my trainer. >__> I still don't know what I'll name her when I get the actual cartridge.

I never knew that Crawdaunt was water/dark until I tested the Elite Four; I initially assumed that he was pure water and thought he was in Sidney's lineup for filler within the theme (just as Lorelei has a Slowbro and Karen has a Vileplume), but I accidently had my Gardevoir use psychic and it had no effect. O_o I also never knew that Jirachi is half steel until today, though it makes sense because he's like a genie.

Speaking of which, I wanna Chimecho! >w< They're so cute/pretty, and I love its in-game cry. I just don't want to spend 547345734732 hours looking for one, especially since Shuppet is beginning to annoy me with its presence everywhere. x_x Thank goodness getting a Relicanth only took about twenty minutes. >_> Because I rare candied a high-level Wailmer into a Wailord, I can now go off to face the Regis. Levelling up for the E4 is boring as hell (my pokemon are at levels 47-49 right now), so I like to take breaks and go exploring in different places after fighting things in Victory Road, Sky Pillar, and the upper floor of Meteor Falls.

I hit the Safari Zone to see what it was like; I only had two pokeblocks to use (I'm terrible at making them so far >_>), so I put one in the feeder and tossed one at a Girafarig in order to catch it. ^^ Hee, seeing a bunch of my favorite Johto and Kanto Pokemon in one area made me giggle like a schoolgirl, even if they're a pain to catch.
>> Aside from Giraffie, I nabbed a Doduo, a Rhyhorn, and a Natu. I can't wait to beat the E4 and unlock the new area. :O

I also have enough money for a [used] GBA and one of the games, so once I get my offline stuff situated, I'll finally be an actual owner of a third-gen Pokémon game.

EDIT: I caught Chimecho! ^o^ I haven't given her a name yet, but it didn't take a long time for me to find her. ^-^ She has a timid nature (so CUTE *heart*).

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May. 28th, 2005 09:59 am

I've decided that Aron is my favorite Hoenn Pokémon. ^w^ It's definitely the cutest of the steel types IMHO (beating out Magnemite, which I do think is adorable :P), so because steel is my overall favorite type along with flying and I'm a sucker for cute things, it's perfect. :P I'm thinking of just catching one for kicks just to carry it around with me; not that it'll replace my Aggron, but I could teach it Secret Power and go exploring around Hoenn for an ideal secret base spot. :D Time to scour the internet for merchandise! (I already have the Granite Cave episode queued to download on IRC. ^o^)

I didn't really adavance through the game yesterday; I pushed through Victory Road the night before, and it was a pain in the ass. I just returned to the Abandoned Ship to retrieve the scanner and get a Deep Sea Scale (I ought to try trading with VBA link), and I bred two Marills (one with the Sea Incense) and got a female Azurill. ^o^ Bless you and your Flame Body, Slugma! I also have five Spindas and counting; their random coat patterns have me hooked on catching them! (Plus, they were mad hilarious to watch in the cartoon. XD)

I'm thinking of starting one of the Red/Green revamps, or maybe even Sapphire (Aqua > Magma). I don't feel like training my Emerald pokemon for the 13374 right now (though I wanna see Wallace again at the end of the line and finally get my Beldum :P).

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May. 26th, 2005 04:14 pm

omg Rayquaza :*

I really liked the tag match at the space center. Metang was really arse (now I really can't wait to get a Beldum after the Elite Four) and helped out my Whiscash quite a bit until I retired her for the match (I wasn't about to Rest in such a situation). My Lairon (Ferreum) evolved into Aggron right afterwards, too. :D I wonder if Nintendo would be able to implement such a system for multiplayer matches on the DS; just have two teams of two people playing a single match. Also, if Gold/Silver/Crystal were to be re-made, I'd give my dominant limb to be able to have a 2vs2 match with Lance against the Rockets.

The mini-arc involving Rayquaza, the warring Kyogre and Groudon, and the mythos surrounding them was just what I needed (seriously). Thank goodness for save states. :D

Sootopolis Gym was easy. :| I've read horror stories about Juan's Kingdra, and I clearly remembered Clair's Kingdra in G/S/C (which I still need to work on), so I was panicking a bit and expecting to have to train a bit before re-challenging him, but Manectric (Sparky) swept through most of the team and paralyzed and roared Kingdra out before it got a second Double Team in place. I used Altaria (Altair) against Whiscash, and he depleted half of the still-paralyzed Kingdra's HP before succumbing to Ice Beam. Gardy finished it off with Psychic. It may have been luck or whatever, but I'm still going to train for the 1337 4 as best as I can. :X My Pokés are still at levels 40-43. D:

Stuff that doesn't involve straightforward gameplay soon to come; there's quite a bit more that I want to blabber about. ;)

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May. 25th, 2005 10:01 pm

I HATE FISHING IN THIS GAME. :D I hate button mashing at a specific time and (in the event that I do manage to hook something and fight it) running into critikarp tentuncool most of the time. D: At least I got my Barboach quickly (and a Wailmer in the process ^^).

Of course, said Barboach is now a level 40 ass-kicking Whiscash named Catty; right after she evolved at level 30, she held her own against a lever 36 Wobbuffet that liked to spam Destiny Bond and Mirror Coat (the latter was taken care of by using Magnitude, and thank Ho-oh that Wob didn't use Counter). I trained her up to her current level in Team Magma's base, and being Water/Ground, she chewed up everything that crossed her path... and I think she even killed all of the Torkoal in there. O_o (I haven't seen any in there for a while...)

I'm now about to sweep through the space center in Mossdeep; the gym leaders were really hard, mostly that Claydol. x_x Thankfully my Gardevoir (Freya) traced the levitate ability, which automatically resisted the earthquakes. Needless to say, after pushing through the other three thanks to her thunderbolts, it was pretty much Catty and she spamming Surf/Ice Beam and Psychic (like I'd try to t-bolt it- at least she used a few Calm Minds) against it, but it just wouldn't DIE because there were hyper potions being used every time the health bar reached the red area. >_< Clay eventually couldn't light screen anymore and Freya scored a critical hit just before Catty's ice beam hit, so I WON AT LIFE. >__>

I also got through the Mirage Tower (it just involves a little timing with steering the mach bike) and picked the claw fossil, because Armaldo is a sexy Poké.

[to be continued]

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